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CANCELLATIONS: Registration deadline is three business days prior to the workshop unless otherwise noted. Registration will be opened to non-ESU 3 schools at this time based on space availability. Please note that if you register and do not attend, or your cancellation is not received three business days in advance, you are still liable for full payment. Questions?

DISCLAIMER: Any opinions, findings, recommendations or conclusions expressed by the author(s) or speaker(s) do not necessarily reflect the views of ESU 3. ESU 3 reserves the right to substitute a qualified instructor due to unforeseen circumstances.

Workshop SectionPLD: Psychological First Aide - 2 Day Workshop ~ June 18, 2020 (2 days) (Cancelled)
RegistrationYou can't register for this workshop section because it has been cancelled.
Check to see if there are any other sections of this workshop coming up.
DepartmentESU#3 Professional Learning
Primary ContactJennifer Johnson
DescriptionPurpose:  Our purpose for moving in this direction are several fold.....1. PFA is an evidence-based approach for helping students and staff through response and recovery of any incident.  2. This approach will allow a school who has an incident to call for assistance from a team made-up from multiple schools and not just one neighboring school. The disruption in the educational settings will be shared, rather than disrupting in just one school.  3. We can develop teams across the state with the same content which can apply to many situations and areas in case assistance is needed in mass or for length from another ESU region.  When I talked to MOEC, they said they already do this between their districts so I don't want them to reinvent the wheel, but would offer the content for their process.  They also might be beneficial in assisting the smaller districts to create the process between the schools.

We will offer a $300 stipend to each participate directly providing they are on non-contract hours and not receiving pay from anyone else. We only have funds enough to offer a maximum of 2 per district.
LocationEducational Service Unit #3
Section Date(s)
DateStart TimeStop Time
June 18, 20208:30 AM 3:30 PM
June 19, 20208:30 AM 3:30 PM

Registration DeadlineJune 15, 2020
Event ID19628
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 NON ESU #3      $25.00  No 
 ESU #3      $25.00  Yes 

Materials Fee$0.00
LunchYes, lunch is provided.