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WorkshopPRT #3 Training: RBIs & SHoREs, Oh My!
DepartmentESU#3 Student Services
Default ContactAmy Harvey
Default LocationESU 3
DescriptionAttendance strongly recommended!

The mission of Routines-Based Early Intervention in Nebraska is to promote the growth and development of toddlers with disabilities, ages birth to three years, by helping families build upon activities they do everyday to meet their own needs and support their child's learning.

This review will give you directions to follow the yellow brick road to better home visits by using information from RBI's, SHoRE's, and CAPTA's to build outcomes. Better outcomes lead to better home visits!

Common scenarios and questions will be discussed.
-For CAPTA's, what do you do when the parents have no concerns?
-When do I do a RBI?
-When do I do a SHoRE?
-How do I do a SHoRE?
-How should we be using our secondary interviewer during SHoRE's and RBI's?
And more!