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WorkshopPLD: Mentor Training
DepartmentESU#3 Professional Learning
Default ContactJennifer Johnson
Default LocationEducational Service Unit #3

Mentors have an opportunity to instill confidence, focus, perspective, and a working knowledge that will help new/beginning teachers develop into highly accomplished educators. Trained mentors are able to assist, advise, and support the induction and retention of new and beginning colleagues to the profession of teaching. Experienced staff members are encouraged to join us for the ESU#3 Mentor Training: Teachers Helping Teachers. Practice networking skills, build on strengths, and renew yourself professionally by joining us on June 18, 2021.

Session outcomes:

  • Participants will understand, accept and predict the needs of new teachers at various stages of their development.
  • Participants will understand the role of the mentor, various mentoring styles as well as the  behaviors of effective mentors.
  • Participants will feel confident in their role as mentor by reviewing case studies, discussing scenarios, and reviewing resources available to support them as mentors.

AudienceK-12 Educators