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WorkshopUCLA PEERS For Adolescents Certified School-Based Social Skills
DepartmentESU#3 Student Services
Default ContactAmy Harvey
Default LocationESU 3
Dr. Ruth Ellingsen is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the University of Oregon Psychology department. She also serves as the Associate Clinic Director for the UO Psychology Clinic, where she provides training and supervision for clinical psychology doctoral students in evidence-based psychotherapy and psychological assessment. Dr. Ellingsen obtained her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UCLA, where her research focused on factors that influence positive parenting of children at developmental risk. She completed her clinical internship at the UCLA Stress, Trauma, and Resilience clinic, where she received specialized training in the prevention and treatment of traumatic stress in children and families. After obtaining her Ph.D., she completed a postdoctoral residency at the UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center. Dr. Ellingsen has been involved in several intervention development and translational research projects, including social skills training for adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder, skill-building groups for trauma exposed children and parents, parent training for military families with young children, and therapy for parents facing early life medical challenges with their infants.

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Evidence-Based Social Skills Training for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Other Social Challenges The PEERS® for Adolescents Certified School-Based Training Seminar is designed exclusively for educators and school-based professionals, as well as mental health practitioners, medical professionals, speech and language pathologists, occupational, recreational, and behavioral therapists, researchers, and other professionals who work with youth with social challenges. PEERS® is used in over 70 countries, and has been translated into over a dozen languages, but was developed at UCLA by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, founder and director of the UCLA PEERS Clinic PEERS® is the ONLY available evidence-based social skills program for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder, and is used clinically for youth with ADHD, anxiety, depression and other social challenges. Attendees will obtain training in the implementation of the PEERS® Curriculum for School-Based Professionals (Laugeson, 2014) and the research behind the program. This training will enable providers to implement PEERS in their educational settings, or in other appropriate clinical settings, as PEERS® Certified School-Based Providers.