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CANCELLATIONS: Registration deadline is three business days prior to the workshop unless otherwise noted. Registration will be opened to non-ESU 3 schools at this time based on space availability. Please note that if you register and do not attend, or your cancellation is not received three business days in advance, you are still liable for full payment. Questions?

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Workshop SectionWorkshop SectionCognitive Coaching Foundation Training Session 5-8 ~ September 1, 2022 (4 days)
RegistrationRegistrationYou can't register for this workshop section because it occurs in the past.
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DepartmentDepartmentESU#3 Professional Learning
Primary ContactPrimary ContactJennifer Kennedy
Facilitator(s)Mikki Brooks, Derek Gangwish, Susan Presler
DescriptionSection Image

Part II: Cognitive Coaching (Days 5-8)

Cognitive Coaching Seminars® are an eight-day training. You must have completed Days 1-4 before you can take days 5-8. During days 1–4 you learned the Planning Conversation Map and the Reflecting Conversation Map as well as the tools of Cognitive CoachingSM. Days 5–8 will provide for skill refinement and understanding of the Problem-Resolving Map as well as strengthening your identity as a mediator of thinking and your use of the skills of pausing, paraphrasing, and posing questions.

  • Integration of the maps and tools from Part 1
  • Flexibility in coaching for human uniqueness
  • Detection and mediation of cognitive shift
  • Refined mediation skills and coaching capabilities
  • Extended coaching skills to mediate self-directed learning in others when they are struggling with a problem
  • Fluency with the tool cluster of pacing
  • Enhanced personal acuity, ways of attending, listening, and responding
  • Internalized Problem-Resolving Map
  • Fluency with the tool cluster of leading
  • Integrated maps and tools of Cognitive CoachingSM
LocationESU 3
StatusStatusThis section is currently open.
20 Registered
1 Minimum; 30 Maximum; 81 Lunch Count
Section Date(s)
DateStart TimeStop Time
September 01, 20228:30 AM 3:30 PM
September 06, 20228:30 AM 3:30 PM
October 10, 20228:30am 3:30 PM
October 25, 20228:30 AM 3:30 PM
Registration DeadlineAugust 29, 2022
Event ID21549
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 ESU 3 DISTRICT      $70.00  Yes 
 NON ESU 3 DISTRICT      $100.00  No 

Materials FeeMaterials Fee: $0.00
LunchYes, lunch is provided.