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17230ASD Circle of Friends Introductory Training This section can be taken via distance learning.May 30, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0057 (15/75)
16784ASD Get Ready, Get Set, Plan! Planning Social Skills Instruction This section can be taken via distance learning.May 31, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0044 (10/75)
17371ASD Establishing Basic Skill Sets for Students with ASD (2 days)June 05, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0031 (15/50)
16785ASD 2 Day Traditional Structured Teach (2 days) (Cancelled)June 05, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.00Cancelled
16786ASD Strategies for Including Students with HFA in the Gen. Ed . (Cancelled)June 07, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.00Cancelled
17124Effectively Coaching Beginning and Veteran TeachersJune 07, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningWilson, Jennifer  0.0067 (25/100)
17353NWEA Users Group MeetingJune 12, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0012 (5/36)
17495ESU#3 Mentor Training: Teachers Helping TeachersJune 19, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0014 (10/48)
16930ASD Advanced Intensive Teaching of Verbal Behavior Protocols (2 days)June 26, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0021 (15/65)
17467Corrective Reading Refresher Training-DecodingJuly 30, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.009 (0/40)
17538Corrective Reading Refresher Training-ComprehensionJuly 31, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.009 (0/40)
17357Handwriting Without Tears K-2August 01, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.001 (5/45)
17444Handwriting Without Tears 3-5August 01, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.000 (5/45)
17276PLD: Student-Centered Coaching with Diane SweeneySeptember 10, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0065 (10/65)
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17587Get Your Model On Using 3-Act Tasks in the K-2 Classroom September 27, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.009 (25/50)
17588Get Your Model On Using 3-Act Tasks in the 3-6 ClassroomSeptember 27, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.007 (25/60)
17356ACT Regional WritingOctober 01, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0015 (10/200)
17232ASD Talk with Me, A Step-by-Step Conversation Framework (Cancelled)October 04, 2018ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.00Cancelled
17292Teaching to Engage All Learners with Eric JensenOctober 22, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0020 (10/120)
17494A Morning with Tom Schimmer Author of Grading from Inside OutOctober 26, 2018ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.006 (1/100)