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99993Differentiated Instruction A Model Addressing Rigor & Complexity (Cancelled)January 22, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningZaback, Erin  0.00Cancelled
18091Coaching CadreJanuary 28, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0057 (10/100)
17818SPED Assistive Technology PLCJanuary 28, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.005 (15/40)
17290Problem Solving Teams with Margaret SearleJanuary 29, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0070 (10/85)
17862SPED Building District-wide Tier 3 Systems of Support MTSS (3 days)January 30, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0081 (30/150)
17807ASD One-Day Overview of Intensive Teaching of Verbal BehaviorJanuary 31, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0028 (15/40)
17645HAL: Bellevue HAL Day 3February 01, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.000 (30/50) 0 Students
18084ASD Unlocking Student's Reading and Writing PotentialFebruary 05, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0037 (15/48)
HAL: Puzzle Me This-Springfield (Cancelled)February 07, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.00
18295Test AH (2 days) (Cancelled)February 18, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.00Cancelled
18210ASD Advanced Consultation/Coaching for Verbal Behavior This section can be taken via distance learning.February 19, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0018 (15/60)
17614PLD Workshop: #Go LibrariesFebruary 20, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0090 (20/120)
17980SPED Behavior Coach PLC (Cancelled)February 21, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.00Cancelled
18142NeMTSS Framework Document-Eligibility Section Review-Psych PLCFebruary 22, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0013 (15/60)
18167EMIL Meeting: Perkins Advisory GroupFebruary 26, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.000 (1/25)
The Energy Bus TOT (Cancelled)February 27, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.00
Energy Bus Train the TrainerFebruary 27, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.00
17628Full STEAM AheadFebruary 28, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0022 (40/100)
17376ASD Play is not as Easy as it LooksMarch 01, 2019ESU#3 Student ServicesHarvey, Amy  0.0010 (20/60)
17403Taking the Myth Out of FBA/BIPs:Easy Steps for Creating BehaviorMarch 04, 2019ESU#3 Professional LearningJohnson, Jennifer  0.0021 (15/50)