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Workshop SectionWorkshop SectionSLP Professional Learning and Collaboration Series ~ April 19, 2023
RegistrationRegistrationYou can't register for this remote attendance only workshop section because it occurrs in the past.
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DepartmentDepartmentESU#3 Student Services
Primary ContactPrimary ContactAmy Harvey
DescriptionJoin us for this exciting, professional learning event, presented by Amy Graham, MA, CCC-SLP from Graham Speech Therapy, LLC!


This registration link registers you for only April 19th.

 April 19, 2023 (Virtual) 12:30pm - 3:30pm
“Articulation Approaches for R & Lateral Lisps”

Many SLPs find correcting lateral lisps among children to be extremely challenging. This presentation will focus on how to properly assess the speech mechanism for underlying structural/functional deficits that could impede progress in therapy and provide practical strategies to help SLPs elicit non-lateralized target phonemes using a phonetic approximation approach. Considerations for target selection and strategies to promote generalization will also be addressed.

Participants will:
-Identify key components of a speech assessment that can help SLPs understand underlying structural/functional impairments.
-Describe one new method for eliminating lateral air flow and eliciting correct production of target phonemes.
-Describe how target selection and phoneme word position can improve correct production of target phonemes.

LocationESU 3
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April 19, 202312:30 PM 3:30 PM
Registration DeadlineApril 19, 2023
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