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WorkshopWorkshopCrisis Response Team Training
DepartmentDepartmentESU#3 Student Services
Default ContactDefault ContactAmy Harvey
Default LocationESU 3
DescriptionCrisis Response Team Training
Hosted by ESU #3 and Facilitated by Millard Public Schools

Schools play a crucial role in helping their students and school personnel cope with a traumatizing event by providing a stable and familiar environment. The crisis team, with the help of other caring adults, can assist students and staff to return to normal routines (to the extent possible) and provide an opportunity to transform a frightening and sad event into a learning experience.

Join us, as experienced crisis team leaders from Millard Public Schools provide an overview for school crisis response team members to prepare and implement a thoughtful response following a crisis. Based on the work of Dr. John Dudley, participants will learn more about how to organize and manage resources, facilitate communication, support staff, identify high risk students/staff in the aftermath, and effectively follow-up with the school and broader community during a traumatic event.