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WorkshopWorkshopLeveraging Teacher Clarity for Student Engagement ~ October 23, 2024
DepartmentDepartmentESU#3 Professional Learning
Default ContactDefault ContactJennifer Kennedy
Default LocationESU 3
DescriptionSession 1 - October 23, 2024

Teacher Leaders (Instructional Coaches, Department Heads, Grade Level, or Team Leads):

Toni Faddis’s presentation will help you to extend knowledge of strategies that build teacher clarity to increase student engagement. You will build an understanding of how to utilize data and feedback to adjust instruction and increase student engagement. Grow knowledge of strategies that increase the opportunities to engage in learning. Develop an understanding of systems and strategies for developing teacher clarity so teachers can plan and design lessons that engage students in learning. If you would like to register for Session 2 on March 5th, please click here. Each session must be registered for separately.

“The Teacher Clarity Playbook” will be utilized as part of this dynamic two session workshop.

Registration includes a lite breakfast, lunch, snack, and a copy of “How Leadership Works”.
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AudienceAudience: Teacher Leaders (Instructional Coaches, Department Heads, Grade Level, or Team Leads)