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WorkshopASD Toolkit for the Educational Evaluation of ASD
DepartmentESU#3 Student Services
Default ContactAmy Harvey
Default LocationEducational Service Unit #3

Presenters:  Teri McGill, NE ASD Network Regional Coordinator and Metro Region ASD Team

Audience:  This training is for all team members (ECSE, SLPs, Psychologists, Special Education Teachers, OT’s, etc.) who participate in the evaluation of individuals to consider eligibility for identification of a child, B-21 in the category of autism.

Description: This workshop will examine/review overall assessments of ASD, as well as assessments in the three core areas affected by ASD – communication, social, and behavior/executive functioning. 

-This workshop will discuss identification of autism birth to 21 yrs., including those difficult to identify groups such as:  Birth-3 yrs., 3-5 yrs., and girls on the autism spectrum. 

-The focus will be on training tools and strategies for evaluating students suspected of having an educational disability on the autism spectrum.

-Educational teams will have an opportunity to examine a variety of formal autism assessments and utilize some informal autism assessments during workshop activities.

-Participants will benefit from attending with a focus student in mind to start their team discussion on practices for collecting a body of evidence for the identification of autism.

        Note: It is suggested that those who attend have a solid foundational level, understanding of autism. If team members want to attend this workshop but do not have this level of knowledge, we suggest completion of the Autism Certification Center’s Many Faces of Autism, 90-minute course: