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WorkshopWorkshopMultisyllabic Decoding
DepartmentDepartmentESU#3 Professional Learning
Default ContactDefault ContactKelly Nesbitt
Default LocationEducational Service Unit #3

Erasing the Misery of Reading and Spelling Multi-Syllable Words for Adolescent Readers:  Target Audience:  Intermediate and Secondary Teachers

When students don’t have strategies for reading big words, they often guess, skip or misread words. This contributes to the struggle to comprehend complex text and the students often get stuck at a third-grade reading level.

Participants will:
1. Learn how to teach students to read and spell big words using a simple and functional strategy.
2. Receive a set of Syllaboards, multi-syllabic manipulatives.
3. Receive a scope and sequence in which to teach all six syllable types.

BONUS – All attendees will receive a link to a one hour webinar, Best Practices for Teaching EL Students.


AudienceAudience: Intermediate and Secondary Teachers